Fashion News – Vancouver Nordstrom Hosts ‘The Force is Female’ Event with Nike

Last weekend, Nordstrom Pacific Centre in Vancouver hosted a Nike “The Force Is Female” customization event. The event gave customers three options of Nike’s classic Air Force 1 shoe to choose from: all white, all black or a Vancouver exclusive dip-dyed grey that customers were able customize with a wide selection of different colours and patterned sneaker felts, laces, stickers and that iconic Nike swoosh. “I think people really liked the creative and personal aspect of the whole thing” says Wilson Hui, a long-time employee of Nordstrom Vancouver. Continue reading “Fashion News – Vancouver Nordstrom Hosts ‘The Force is Female’ Event with Nike”

#5For5: Preloved Luxury Handbag Boutiques in Vancouver

Luxury handbags are the on-trend accessory to complete your Spring/Summer looks. Even if my styling is perfected from my hair to my classic Dior slides, I always feel empty-handed (no pun intended) if I leave the house without the perfect handbag. For me, there  is nothing more satisfying than swinging a high-end designer bag over my shoulder.

If you think shopping preloved designer bags is a lot of work, don’t worry! I have narrowed down my top five places in Vancouver that carry the latest in preloved luxury at super affordable prices. Continue reading “#5For5: Preloved Luxury Handbag Boutiques in Vancouver”

#5For5: Vancouver’s Top Coffee Roasters

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee that is fair-trade, organic and created by local coffee roasters? Do not fret, in Vancouver, everything is possible!

David Lynch once said, “But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.” Is this true? Has our addiction to the strong scent of a cuppa joe and that morning kick of caffeine blinded us to what is truly good coffee? Let us leave the bad cup of coffee behind and remind ourselves what it is to indulge in rich flavours, fresh taste and intoxicating aroma of the best coffee around. Vancouver-based cafes, that are popularizing the thoughtful sourcing, roasting and brewing of their own coffee, are on the rise in our city. Continue reading “#5For5: Vancouver’s Top Coffee Roasters”

#5For5: Getting Your Drive On!

Carsharing not only compliments an ecofriendly lifestyle, but can be a great alternative for those – who love to drive or must drive for business – as opposed to owning a vehicle. If you like to walk, bike or transit around town and only need a car for occasional trips to Value VillageIKEA, to run errands, these five companies offers the perfect solution. Having a convenient alternative to owning a vehicle should inspire those who are currently driving and maintaining a vehicle to look at their options – in both costs and convenience. Continue reading “#5For5: Getting Your Drive On!”

#5For5: Top Vegan Pizzas in Vancouver

Pizza is a favourite meal for so many families because of the ease of ordering, taste, texture and variety of flavours. Alone or with friends and family, there are also many ways to enjoy your pizza – baking a glorious topping heavy pie at home, going out and making a night of it in your favourite pizza parlour, or having the convenience of it being delivered right to your door. Vancouver may still in its infancy in developing its passion for the plantbased pizza but these five businesses will help you start a new section of take-out menu’s. Continue reading “#5For5: Top Vegan Pizzas in Vancouver”

#5For5: Best Veggie Burgers in Vancity

In our vibrant culinary city, restaurants and food trucks have mastered veggie burgers in every way, shape and form, giving us endless options for this delightful main dish. From a grilled Portobello mushroom, to black beans and chickpeas, to a secret blend of organic vegetables and spices with every set of toppings you could imagine, these five places have got you covered. Continue reading “#5For5: Best Veggie Burgers in Vancity”

#5For5: EcoFriendly Fashion in Vancouver

We have all heard ‘shop local, buy local‘ but what about your clothes? Why not!? There are many designers repping ecofriendly fashion right here in Vancouver.

Fashion is an ever-changing, fast paced industry, so it is awesome to have local designers leading the way in sustainable fashion. Instead of making disposable clothing from harmful materials, these five Vancouver designers are creating high-quality fashion that is both innovative and wearable. In my busy city life I know I need clothing that will get me from the office, to the gym, to happy hour, and sometimes a ‘just for me’ walk for quiet thinking. Continue reading “#5For5: EcoFriendly Fashion in Vancouver”

#5For5: Prime Plantbased Restaurants

Here is a list of restaurants that I plan to try, compiled from friendly recommendations – everything from casual meal with a smoothie, to getting dressed up and making an evening out of it. Continue reading “#5For5: Prime Plantbased Restaurants”