Maintain Your Color with Pureserve

We all love the feeling of having freshly coloured hair. Whether it’s a big colour change, or just freshening up, there’s something uplifting about leaving a salon with newly vibrant locks. But how can you keep colour treated hair from fading and looking dull without compromising your values and the health of your hair? Intelligent Nutrients’ Pureserve products preserve the colour of your hair and improve longevity without the use of toxins or sulfates. Created with plant science, these products were developed to cleanse and nourish hair while protecting the hair shaft to improve colour retention. Read more

Hydrafacial – Heard Of It?

Why we LOVE our new HydraFacial, and why you will too!

The Spa Magnolia is proud to announce we are now offering Hydrafacials! Have you heard of it?  This service has been getting a lot of buzz and there are many reasons why. HydraFacial is now being performed every 7 seconds globally, securing its place as the number one cosmetic treatment (above Botox!).  Hydrafacial keeps your face looking fresh and youthful by maintaining the skin’s natural functions for as long as possible.

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Organic Nation Lands in Canada

Organic Nation lands in Canada!

If you’re looking for a skincare brand that genuinely delivers the results you want while staying true to values such as protecting nature and the environment, Organic Nation is for you. The founders, Vanessa and George Jilly are leaders of the wellness lifestyle and have invested 25 years in holistic skincare brands. After years working with a few different companies and introducing Aveda to Australia, they reset the standards in organic ingredients, cosmeceutical performance, sustainability, transparency and accessibility, thus creating Organic Nation. Read more 

Organic Beauty Is Easy

Organic Beauty is truly easy!

Many consumers have made the switch to shopping organic produce and foods. We’re paying attention to what goes into our bodies, so why aren’t we paying attention to what we’re putting on our bodies as well? Organic beauty is easy – we stand by this promise. We’ve done the vetting for you by partnering with brands that derive ingredients from natural sources and are free of harmful parabens, sulfates, and artificial scents. These companies pride themselves on creating non-toxic products to elevate the health and appearance of your skin. Backed by proven research and science, these brands instill trust in the fact that your skincare routine is doing right by your body.
But it’s more than just carrying the titles of “organic “ and “natural”; Organic Nation, Intelligent Nutrients, NATULIQUE and NATURIGIN not only care about what they’re putting on our skin, they care about how these products are produced. We work with these companies for their social responsibility and dedication to protecting the environment we live in by reducing their footprint. Sustainable practices and ethically sourced ingredients are deeply ingrained values that are practiced in every step of production; protecting oceans, farmers, pollinators and ultimately our bodies.
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#5For5: Vancouver’s Top Coffee Roasters

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee that is fair-trade, organic and created by local coffee roasters? Do not fret, in Vancouver, everything is possible!

David Lynch once said, “But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.” Is this true? Has our addiction to the strong scent of a cuppa joe and that morning kick of caffeine blinded us to what is truly good coffee? Let us leave the bad cup of coffee behind and remind ourselves what it is to indulge in rich flavours, fresh taste and intoxicating aroma of the best coffee around. Vancouver-based cafes, that are popularizing the thoughtful sourcing, roasting and brewing of their own coffee, are on the rise in our city. Continue reading “#5For5: Vancouver’s Top Coffee Roasters”

#5For5: Sustainable Wineries of the Okanagan

Summer is the season of wine – whether enjoying on the patio with your friends, having a glass on date night, or making a trip of it and visiting a winery on a weekend away. It is said that a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart, but what if the wine you were drinking was already produced in a sustainable winery and made with all natural ingredients? That one glass could become two or three! Or if you’re not much of a red wine aficionado, switch it out for a crisp white or rosé knowing you have a better-for-you option. As a wine lover myself, I wanted to share five Okanagan naturally-farmed sustainable wineries.  Continue reading “#5For5: Sustainable Wineries of the Okanagan”