Back in Time

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between chemical and natural retinol? What does a retinol really do for your skin? What kind of results can you achieve from an organic ingredient serum?

Plant retinol is derived from Vitamin A while chemical or synthetic retinols are created in labs to “mimic” the effects of the natural source. While both types do activate the skin’s RARs (retinoic acid receptors), a natural one will activate all of them while the synthetic only activates targeted areas. Retinols are clinically proven to aid in skin cell regeneration, fuelling cell turnover and diffusing dark spots and wrinkles – sounds pretty promising right? But if the retinol is chemically based, it can actually start to put stress on the skin by thinning and drying it out over time. This is why Intelligent Nutrients derives its plant retinol from natural, proven sources. Read more

A Cure for Thirsty Skin

Liquids account for 70% of an adult’s body weight – hence the importance of hydration. Proper hydration is absolutely essential for skin function. When our skin is successfully hydrated, it promotes elasticity, health and glow. When our skin is dehydrated it looks dull and pale. It can get uneven and chapped and becomes more sensitive to environmental pollutants, accelerating the aging process.

Thirst is a silent alarm for dehydration. It’s important to quench the skin in order to enhance skin’s barrier function and water diffusion. This is why Comfort Zone uses an integrated approach, working with scientists to ensure Hydramemory products are formulated with the skin’s natural functions and wellbeing in mind. Read more

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Here in Victoria we seem to have transitioned into sandal season rather quickly. The winter drags on, only teasing us with glimpses of beautiful days until suddenly mid-May hits and we arrive in full blown summer weather. It’s time to swap your rain jacket for a T-shirt and your boots for strappy sandals. After what felt like a very long winter, your feet could probably use some TLC and we’re here to provide that in the best way. Read more