#5For5: Getting Your Drive On!

Carsharing not only compliments an ecofriendly lifestyle, but can be a great alternative for those – who love to drive or must drive for business – as opposed to owning a vehicle. If you like to walk, bike or transit around town and only need a car for occasional trips to Value VillageIKEA, to run errands, these five companies offers the perfect solution. Having a convenient alternative to owning a vehicle should inspire those who are currently driving and maintaining a vehicle to look at their options – in both costs and convenience. Continue reading “#5For5: Getting Your Drive On!”

#5For5: Steps to Zero Waste Living

Having recently discovered the brilliant concept of zero waste stores, I am becoming more environmentally friendly literally every day! Living ‘zero waste’ can be accomplished in all sorts of ways, taking one small step at a time. Customers bring their own containers, jars, bags, etc. from home and fill them up with the goods they need. This greatly reduces the amount of waste from unneeded packaging that is often thrown out after one use. There are many of these locations popping up in Vancouver. Check out these Five in BC and you will be covered from groceries to soap to pet supplies. Continue reading “#5For5: Steps to Zero Waste Living”

#5For5: Sustainable Wineries of the Okanagan

Summer is the season of wine – whether enjoying on the patio with your friends, having a glass on date night, or making a trip of it and visiting a winery on a weekend away. It is said that a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart, but what if the wine you were drinking was already produced in a sustainable winery and made with all natural ingredients? That one glass could become two or three! Or if you’re not much of a red wine aficionado, switch it out for a crisp white or rosé knowing you have a better-for-you option. As a wine lover myself, I wanted to share five Okanagan naturally-farmed sustainable wineries.  Continue reading “#5For5: Sustainable Wineries of the Okanagan”

#5For5: EcoFriendly Fashion in Vancouver

We have all heard ‘shop local, buy local‘ but what about your clothes? Why not!? There are many designers repping ecofriendly fashion right here in Vancouver.

Fashion is an ever-changing, fast paced industry, so it is awesome to have local designers leading the way in sustainable fashion. Instead of making disposable clothing from harmful materials, these five Vancouver designers are creating high-quality fashion that is both innovative and wearable. In my busy city life I know I need clothing that will get me from the office, to the gym, to happy hour, and sometimes a ‘just for me’ walk for quiet thinking. Continue reading “#5For5: EcoFriendly Fashion in Vancouver”

#5For5: EcoFriendly Beauty Salons

These five Vancouver salons celebrate ecofriendly beauty services to keep you and Mother Earth smiling.

Get those gorgeous Spring highlights, a relaxing massage or a fluttering set of  falsies that may be synthetic but superior in looking so natural. Today we start with a list of green beauty salons, either click their name bookmark for future reference. Continue reading “#5For5: EcoFriendly Beauty Salons”