Skin Rescue!

One of the things I love about Organic Nation is how multi-functional their skincare has proven to be, but I think the Hydration Rescue Gel may take the cake. I’ve used this product as a moisturizer on its own, under another moisturizer for double hydration, for relief of sun burn, for hair removal irritation, to reduce redness, to soothe itching, to help scars and the list goes on. I have to be a little biased here (you will be too once you try it!) but the Hydration Rescue Gel is one of my favourite products I’ve ever owned. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic but let me tell you why I’m so adamant about this gel. Read more

Back in Time

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between chemical and natural retinol? What does a retinol really do for your skin? What kind of results can you achieve from an organic ingredient serum?

Plant retinol is derived from Vitamin A while chemical or synthetic retinols are created in labs to “mimic” the effects of the natural source. While both types do activate the skin’s RARs (retinoic acid receptors), a natural one will activate all of them while the synthetic only activates targeted areas. Retinols are clinically proven to aid in skin cell regeneration, fuelling cell turnover and diffusing dark spots and wrinkles – sounds pretty promising right? But if the retinol is chemically based, it can actually start to put stress on the skin by thinning and drying it out over time. This is why Intelligent Nutrients derives its plant retinol from natural, proven sources. Read more

Scrub Away Your Troubles!

Organic Nation’s Black Rice Scrub is one of my favourite products from the line. I’ve tried my fair share of exfoliants and this one leaves my skin looking like I just had a luxurious hour long facial. Known for centuries as “forbidden rice”, the crushed black rice is grainy enough to really give a powerful exfoliation, melting away dead skin cells to reveal a smooth surface and a healthy glow but gentle enough not to damage the surface of the skin. The Black Rice Scrub is not only beneficial to your skin but to the environment as well. By replacing petrochemical based micro beads with a natural ingredient, we’re doing our part to protect waterways and wildlife. Read more

More Than Rose Hydration Mist

Rose is known as the “Queen of Essential Oils”. Held in high respect around the world for its irresistible aroma and its ability to calm, soothe, repair and awaken. Rose mist is frequently used for its hydrating and refreshing qualities. But this is not just a rose mist. This is more. This is the Organic Nation “More Than Rose Hydration Mist”. What makes this particular mist so special is the ingredients and their unique benefits: Read more

The Detoxifying Clay Whip

Ahh… the Detoxifying Clay Whip. One of my favourite Organic Nation products – and trust me it is hard to play favourites with this skin care line! Will you look like a green faced swamp monster with this mask on? Yes. Should you apply it in the comfort of your own home or your favourite Organic Nation spa? Probably. Will the benefits of the ingredients make your skin so clear and soft you can hardly believe it’s your own face? Absolutely. Let me break it down for you. Read more

Hair’s Best Friend

There’s now a way to style your hair flawlessly without leaving that shiny, stiff finish. There’s a way to achieve pompadours, fauxhawks and slicks effortlessly. There’s a way to get a strong yet pliable hold with a truly matte finish that can take your style from day to night. What is this magical product? None other than the Matte Texture Paste. Read more


If you’re a skin care nut like myself and are passionate about organic beauty and skin care, you’ve probably heard about the use of “peptides” in skin care products. Organic Nation is dedicated to using real, plant-based science to drive results and peptides are one of the revolutionary ways they’re achieving it. But what is a peptide and what kind of benefits does it have in store for your skin? Read more

Does Organic Hair Colour Matter?

Getting your hair coloured is an experience. Whether you’re totally changing your look, touching up for maintenance or covering those pesky greys. Does it really matter that we’re going organic in our hair colour too? The answer is absolutely!

Most traditional hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to yourself and your lovely locks. When you have the option of reducing these toxins and replacing them with natural products, do yourself, your body, your hair and your planet a favour and take advantage. Read more

A Cure for Thirsty Skin

Liquids account for 70% of an adult’s body weight – hence the importance of hydration. Proper hydration is absolutely essential for skin function. When our skin is successfully hydrated, it promotes elasticity, health and glow. When our skin is dehydrated it looks dull and pale. It can get uneven and chapped and becomes more sensitive to environmental pollutants, accelerating the aging process.

Thirst is a silent alarm for dehydration. It’s important to quench the skin in order to enhance skin’s barrier function and water diffusion. This is why Comfort Zone uses an integrated approach, working with scientists to ensure Hydramemory products are formulated with the skin’s natural functions and wellbeing in mind. Read more