Fashion News – Is Anna Wintour Leaving Vogue?

Rumours have been swirling around the acclaimed fashion magazine after Page Six reported that Anna Wintour may be gearing up to retire as Editor-In-Chief at Vogue. Wintour has been with the magazine for 30 years – it’s hard to imagine Vogue without this iconic sunglasses-clad, Chanel toting maven. Sources from Condé Nast have denied these rumours, so as of now it’s just gossip.  

Miniso Planning to Open 500 Canadian Locations
The expansion is happening quicker than anticipated for this Chinese retailer. After the company opened its first stores in Vancouver last spring, Miniso is now expanding into Quebec, Toronto and Edmonton later this year. The multiple stores in Quebec are expected to pop up in malls and a flagship location on Montreal’s Sainte-Catherine Street. 

John Galliano and InStyle Magazine Hop on the Fur Ban Wagon
Laura Brown, editor-in-chief at InStyle Magazine, has announced that the magazine will no longer endorse or photograph fur. Brown took to social media on Monday saying “I want to be clear that InStyle does not photograph fur – nor do we accept advertising from fur brands. How thrilling it is that the fashion industry is beginning to embrace fur-free alternatives.” Following this announcement, Maison Margiela’s John Galliano is joining the fur-free movement as well. An encounter with senior vice president of PETA, a recent switch to vegetarianism and his adorable dog Gipsy inspired this change of direction. With so many alternatives, fur is becoming an unnecessary material to be manufactured into clothing and represent luxury. Many designers such as Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors have recently gone fur-free by opting out of using any real fur in their fashion houses. We hope to see many more designers, magazines and consumers follow in these footsteps.  

Don’t Miss MUJI’s 10 Day Customer Appreciation Event
Japanese retailer, MUJI has been killing it runs with their Vancouver customers. With two existing locations on Robson Street and Metrotown, plus another one opening this spring, the store has gained momentum and seen a lot of success. The event beginning Friday will include member discounts, the launch of their French Linen line, workshops, style advisors (at the Robson Street location), sales and giveaways!  

Gosha Rubichinskiy Set For New Adventure
On Wednesday morning, the Russian designer left the mysterious message, “We will stop Gosha Rubichinskiy brand as you’ve known it. We will have no more seasonal collections. Instead, something new is coming” on his Instagram, leaving us all to ponder what this new endeavour might entail. Rubichinskiy’s isn’t the first designer to opt out of showing seasonal collections, although his recent stellar collaboration with Burberry has fans hooked enough to follow whatever he may do next.  

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